Motorsportworx offers many unique services.

Do you wish to relocate your home or business? Motorsportworx can coordinate this complex process and simplify your move. we are experienced in land acquisition, planning and zoning and the permit process. We also have in house architectural / engineering services for both small and large scale projects as well as commercial development (all phases). Visit LIVE | WORK | PLAY | SUSTAIN for more information.

Motorsportworx will also create and build your personalized motorcentric home which includes such features as custom built in showcase rooms where you can display your vehicles inside your home as the true art they are. We understand your motorsport passion because we share it with you. Our imaginative designs integrate plane or automotive parts into your home. Want a P51 Mustang built into your ceiling, or a ’63 Corvette as the center piece of your living room? If it has an engine… we can make it part of your home.

Our custom fabrication / design works including ground up chassis and drivetrain work as well as lathework, millwork, welding, fabrication and R&D. this also allows motorsportworx to create everything in house that might be required in your custom motorcentric home.


To work with Lazok Industries in regards to business / commercial construction, follow this link.


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